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50 Strategies To Get Your Child To School Or Daycare Happy, Even If You've Tried Everything Before

Your School Drop-Off Is About To Be Transformed!

If your school drop-off is usually horrible, you probably spend half the day worrying about whether your child is still crying.

😀 Fortunately, there is now an incredible solution. Let me introduce you to 'Happy School Drop Off', our brand new online course to help every parent (with children aged 2-12) get their child to school/daycare happier. 


👉 Helps you identify the purpose of your child’s behaviour so that you can work out the reasons for them not wanting to go to school/daycare which means it will be so much easier to choose the right strategy from the course to ensure a happy drop off.

👉 Tells you exactly what to say to your child in the morning before school/daycare and what to do to cheer your child to have them happily getting ready which means that your whole household will be more peaceful.

👉 Is a short course which gets straight to the point so you can learn the strategies quickly which means you can immediately start improving your drop-off with your child.

👉 Contains 50 STRATEGIES which you can pick and choose from to best suit the needs of your child. 

The creators of 'Happy School Drop Off', Dr. Gemma Foxall,  BA (Hons), PGCE, MEd, PhD and Joelene Lavrick, B.A (Psych), GradDipEd have 40 years combined experience in psychology and as classroom teachers.

Miserable Mornings ARE THE WORST. 
Let Us Help!

Joelene Lavrick is the creator of the Mind Ninja program which is helping children in 114 countries to manage their thoughts and emotions.

When Joelene was struggling to get her own daughter to school, she called her colleague, Dr. Gemma Foxall who immediately explained the steps needed to solve the problem. 

After two weeks of following Dr. Foxall's advice, Joelene's daughter was arriving at school happy every day. That was when Joelene invited Dr. Gemma Foxall to collaborate to bring 'Happy School Drop Off' to you and to the WORLD!

Dr. Gemma Foxall works across education, health and disability sectors in Australia and consults internationally with other researchers and professionals. 

In 2008, Gemma was nominated as Australian Teacher of the Year and more recently her post-graduate research projects have won awards at state and national level.

Gemma is an award winning public speaker and is passionate about merging her professional and personal experiences to create one-of-a-kind workshops, therapy programs and professional development opportunities.
Dr Gemma Foxall, BA (Hons), PGCE, MEd, PhD
Therapist, Researcher, Parent, Advocate, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Adjunct Lecturer,
Director, ACT For Autism
"I attended a Professional Development Workshop presented by Dr. Gemma Foxall and Joelene Lavrick with several of my staff at UWA. The impact of the course was profound with the strategies easily aligning with our whole school approach towards social and emotional development. 
Shannon Wright
Greenfields Primary School

Imagine What It Would Be Like To...

...have a dream morning where your child happily gets ready for school.

....drop your child off at school or daycare and know that they are feeling better than they EVER HAVE.

...watch your child laugh as they go into class instead of crying.

Feedback From Previous Courses Created By Dr. Gemma Foxall and Joelene Lavrick!

Here's What You'll Get
  • 6 Video Modules:  50 tried and tested strategies which will give you the tools you need to get your child to school/daycare happy
  • Specialist Knowledge: Dr. Gemma Foxall shares information in this course that is not available anywhere else.
  • Over 50% Off: ​Limited time offer, usually $197. Now only $87AUD (approx $63US)😲
  • ​The Happiest School Drop-Off You Have Ever Had
  •  ​Unlimited Lifetime Access: (instead of our regular 3 months) Limited time only 
  • ​E-book: Receive Joelene's comprehensive Mind Ninja parent e-book free!
  • Printable Resources: to support you with using the strategies
  • Private Facebook Group Access:  This exclusive 'Happy School Drop-Off' facebook group will provide parents with peer support from those facing the same issues
  • ​Priceless: life changing results!
Happy School Drop Off
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Life Lessons Global
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Life Lessons Global has a single mission at the very heart of everything we do: to develop and enhance the emotional fitness of children. While working and training across the childhood (primary) education and psychology fields for over 20 years, one lesson has always remained constant: when children feel good about themselves and respond to others with kindness, they can achieve great things. It is with passion that we empower children, promote their self-esteem and teach them strategies to improve their emotional health and mind management.

Joelene Lavrick
I have a passion for emotional fitness and social skills. I have always wanted children to be kind to each other and to have confidence in themselves. I understand that children make mistakes and, at times, they need to learn how to be kind to others. I am patient with kids and I believe we must show unconditional respect and forgiveness.
Joelene Lavrick, B.A (Psychology), GradDipEd (Primary)
Founder, Life Lessons Global.
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